Wednesday, January 16, 2019


A hotel along the highway and the accompanying sound of cars and trucks. Misty in the parking lot, neither warm nor cold. The smell of the paper mill upwind. Wondered if they'd rob me outside the convenience store, those kids getting high, harassing the check out girl with the big scar on her forehead. Remembered the video of the guy on K2 freaking out at the hospital. I've developed a beer belly all of a sudden, or I'm just getting around to noticing. Song on the rental car radio makes me feel remote, even from memories.  If I had more energy, maybe I'd panic about all that's disappearing.

Monday, January 14, 2019

Country Torta

He came with his family from Guadalajara where he'd been police. Now he runs a restaurant with his wife and children in Arkansas. This is their second one. He says he thinks they burned the first one down. 

Party Guy

A small box of red wine and a bag of powdered sugar donuts from CVS. Dinner was too-salty-tacos which didn't agree with me. A night in a Northeast Texas hotel and a dream of a party where my friends were merely acquaintances and the younger-than-I ones gradually coupled up and moved off leaving me staring into the embers of dawn. 

Saturday, January 12, 2019

Born Into The Waves

Seasonably Cold

I know now it was joy brought the birds and
Not you

I know it's coincidence there are none
Here now

Despite the fact that it's zero degrees Fahrenheit
Harsh conditions

I put the bowl of the bird bath beside the grave of
Your dog

I added corn, seeds and peanuts to it this morning
Squirrels came

I like to think of your dog chasing them and
You smiling

Friday, January 11, 2019


Contenting myself maybe
With paying for a young woman's beer
In secret because the boy she lives with
Was hanging out on their couch
With the girl he is cheating with

I don't want anything
Like that
This silence, this bed
My self
Not so bad

Thursday, January 3, 2019

Feast and fast

A squirrel's been casing my house the last few days
and I've been thinking of the birds again so I bought food
to put out for both parties. Something came
and ate the two dozen eggs I composted after being in my
refrigerator for at least a year. I emptied the cabinets of oats and
grits and instant potatoes from another time period, nearly five
years ago, and put that outside too.
One long ass coma to have been in.